Welcome to CSAW '18 Israel!
This year we expand Israel's contributions to this international event. Two events will be held in parallel at different venues in Israel. The Capture the Flag (CTF) competition will be held at IBM Research-Haifa and the University of Haifa, and the Applied Research Competition will be co-hosted by the IBM Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva.

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The Applied Research Competition assesses the top academic security research from the previous year. With eligibility limited to previously published papers, this competition has a reputation for attracting some of the best security research worldwide. Student authors whose papers are selected via the Preliminary Review are invited to present at the CSAW Finals. The CSAW '18 Finals will be hosted at five global academic centers. CSAW Israel will be co-hosted by Ben-Gurion University and the IBM Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, and is expected to be a meeting place for finalists from universities located in Israel.

Eligible Submissions

Eligible submissions include papers that meet the following four conditions:

  1. Paper topic is related to the design, application, or implementation of security technologies.
  2. Paper is published or camera-ready between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018. Both conference papers and journal papers are eligible.
  3. At least one of the paper authors was a student enrolled at a university located in Israel between September 1, 2017 and August 31, 2018. Papers are still eligible for submission if the student author graduated during this period.
  4. Student author is available to present in-person at the CSAW Finals.


May 7, 2018: Submission phase opens on EasyChair

September 9, 2018: Submission deadline

By October 13, 2018: Finalist notification

November 8-11, 2018: In-person Final presentations

For more details please visit https://csaw.engineering.nyu.edu/research


This annual competition, organized by NYU, draws thousands of teams from around the world every year. The CTF is locally organized in Israel by IBM Research-Haifa and the University of Haifa. In this event, teams tackle problems in a series of real-world scenarios modeling various computer security problems. To succeed, teams must demonstrate a profound understanding of the roles and ramifications of cyber security in these situations. Because the challenges are designed to teach, CTF requires contestants to integrate concepts, develop skills, and learn to hack as they go. Finalists will compete on-site at the University of Haifa and other worldwide CSAW locations, vying for the coveted top-three place.


June 4, 2018: Registration is live 

September 14-16, 2018: Online Qualification Round

September 17-28, 2018: Enrollment and team verification for potential finalists

November 8-10, 2018: In-person Finals 

For more details please visit https://csaw.engineering.nyu.edu/ctf


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