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News: The submission deadline has been extended to June 1, 2013.

  • Aharon Abadi has been a research staff member at IBM Research – Haifa since 2007. He works on a range of topics, including static program analysis, refactoring, program transformations, automatic code fix, semantic search, and software verifications. His work has been included in IBM products. His last work was on inter-procedural static analysis, inter-procedural slicing, and inter-procedural dominator and post – dominator algorithm. He recently moved to the Mobile Research group, which does research in mobile software engineering and mobile development tools.

  • Rafael Prikladnicki is Professor of Computer Science School at PUCRS in Brazil. He has been active in the global software engineering (GSE) community for the last ten years and in the agile software development community for the last six years. For the last three years he has been interested in how GSE and agile methodologies impact organizational decisions on software development, including business and technical decisions. He has co-organized three ICGSE workshops, several workshops and conferences in Brazil, the SDG workshop at ICSE in 2010, the 2009 Latin-American Conference on Agile Development Methodologies, and he was general chair for the Agile Brazil Conference in 2010. He is also involved with the ICGSE series organizing committee since the first edition in 2006.

  • Yael Dubinsky, PhD, is affiliated with the Software and Services group in IBM Research – Haifa. For more than ten years, she has also been the instructor of project-based courses in the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. She has published her work at conferences and in journals related to software engineering and information systems. Yael has a significant experience with guiding agile implementation processes in industry and academia. She has experience in organizing workshops and tutorials since 2005, including ICSE workshops (2008-2010). Her book on Agile Software Engineering, which she co-authored with Orit Hazzan, was published by Springer in 2008.

Program Committee Members

  • Ashwin Baliga, Google, USA
  • Matthias Book, Duisburg-Essen University, Germany
  • Julian Dolby, IBM Research, USA
  • Schahram Dustdar, Vienna University, Austria
  • Ran Ettinger, IBM Research, Israel
  • Jerry Gao, San Jose State University, USA
  • Michal Gordon, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Mangala Gowri Nanda, IBM Research, India
  • Vincenzo Grassi , University of Roma, Italy
  • Martin Griss , Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Jeff Gray, University of Alabama, USA
  • Bob Iannucci, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Seng W. Loke, La Trobe University, Australia
  • Eli Tilevich, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA
  • Nikolai Tillmann, Microsoft Research, USA