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News: The submission deadline has been extended to July 13, 2014.

Mobile application usage and development is experiencing exponential growth. According to Gartner, by 2016 more than 300 billion applications will be downloaded annually. The mobile domain presents new challenges to software engineering [1]. Mobile platforms are rapidly changing, including diverse capabilities as GPS, sensors, and input modes. Applications must be omni-channel and work on all platforms.

Activated on mobile platforms, modern applications must be elastic and scale on demand according to the hardware abilities. Applications often need to support and use third-party services. Therefore, during development, security and authorization processes for the dataflow must be applied. Bring your own device (BYOD) policies bring new security data leaks challenges.

Developing such applications requires suitable practices and tools e.g., architecture techniques that relate to the complexity at hand; improved refactoring tools for hybrid applications using dynamic languages and polyglot development and applications; and testing techniques for applications that run on different devices.

This workshop aims at establishing a community of researchers and practitioners to share their work and lead further research in the mobile development area.

The workshop has several goals. First, we want to develop relationships to create a vibrant research community in the area of mobile software development. Second, we want to identify the most important research problems for mobile software development.

The workshop also has a set of specific technical goals:

  • Investigate new directions of model driven development in the context of mobile software development.
  • Examine the lifecycle of mobile software development and how it relates to the software engineering lifecycle.
  • Explore and evaluate existing techniques of mobile software development.
  • Bring together people from both academia and industry to talk and learn about real problems relating to mobile software engineering.

[1] The Future Of Mobile Aapplication Development by Jeffrey S. Hammond and Julie A. Ask , January 17, 2013.