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NEWS for DeMobile'15: We will have a workshop dinner that is subsidized at the La Cantina restaurant. The dinner cost is partially (or most probably, totally) covered by the DeMobile Organization.

  • App Store Mining and Analysis,
    Speaker: Prof. Mark Harman, University College London

    Abstract: App stores are not merely disrupting traditional software deployment practice, but also offer considerable potential benefit to scientific research. Software engineering researchers have never had available, a more rich, wide and varied source of information about software products. There is some source code availability, supporting scientific investigation as it does with more traditional open source systems. However, what is important and different about app stores, is the other data available. Researchers can access user perceptions, expressed in rating and review data. Information is also available on app popularity (typically expressed as the number or rank of downloads). For more traditional applications, this data would simply be too commercially sensitive for public release. Pricing information is also partially available, though at the time of writing, this is sadly submerging beneath a more opaque layer of in-app purchasing. This talk will review research trends in the nascent field of App Store Analysis, presenting results from the UCL App Analysis Group (UCLAppA) and others, and will give some directions for future work. This keynote is based on joint work with Afnan Alsubaihin, Anthony Finkelstein, Yue Jia, William Martin, Federica Sarro and Yuanyuan Zhang at UCL. UCLAppA website: http://www0.cs.ucl.ac.uk/staff/F.Sarro/projects/UCLappA/UCLappA.html

    Bio: Mark Harman is professor and Head of Software Systems Engineering in the Department of Computer Science at University College London where he directs the CREST centre. He is widely known for work on source code analysis and testing. More recently, he and his colleagues in UCLAppA group have become known for their work on App Store Mining and Analysis (the topic of this keynote). Professor Harman was also instrumental in the founding of the field of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE), a subfield of software engineering which is now attracted over 1,600 authors, spread over more than 40 countries.

  • Walking the Model: The Smart Mobile Field Engineer,
    Speaker: Dr. Yael Dubinsky, IBM research Haifa

    Abstract: Walking the Model (WtM) is a concept that aims to promote the practice of practitioners and crews by providing on-the-job interaction between what they encounter in the physical world and what they expect based on the information from the operations center. An underlying model of the system drives this interaction and enables four categories of operations to view, record, validate and update the model. WtM can be applied to different domains. In this talk, we illustrate the concept of WtM as a situational context-based iPad application for the case of field service in the Energy industry. This keynote is based on joint work with Lior Limonad, Henry Broodney, Uri Shani, Boris Daitch, and Peter Ruppert at IBM.

    Bio: Dr. Yael Dubinsky is affiliated with the Software and Services Department in IBM Research - Haifa (HRL). For more than ten years she is also the instructor of project-based courses at Technion IIT. She has published her work at conferences and journals related to software engineering, mobile development, and information systems, and facilitated workshops and tutorials in leading conferences. Yael has a significant experience with guiding agile implementation processes in the industry and academia. Her books on Agile Software Engineering and Agile Anywhere, which she co-author with Orit Hazzan, were published by Springer at 2008, 2014.