IBM Research

GREPS 2007 Workshop


Call for Papers and Participation

GREPS: International Workshop on GCC for Research in Embedded and Parallel Systems
in conjunction with
16th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT)

Brasov, Romania
September 16, 2007


08:30 - Introduction
08:35 - Keynote 1
Chair: Ayal Zaks
Keynote: GCC in Software Performance Research: Just Plug In,
Paul H J Kelly,
Imperial College, London (Presentation)
09:20 - Session 1
Chair: Arutyun Avetisyan
What you can do with Structure in Compiler,
Olga Golovanevsky,
Affiliations: IBM Haifa Labs (Presentation)
Interprocedural Analysis of Aggregates,
Martin Jambor,
Affiliations: Charles University (Paper, Presentation)
10:10 - Morning Break
10:30 - Session 2
Chair: David Edelsohn
Incremental Machine Descriptions for GCC,
Sameera Deshpande and Uday P. Khekdker,
Affiliations: IIT Bombay (Presentation)
Split Compilation: an Application to Just-in-Time Vectorization,
Piotr Lesnicki, Albert Cohen, Grigori Fursin, Marco Cornero, Andrea Ornstein, and Erven Rohou,
Affiliations: INRIA Futurs and LRI, Paris-Sud 11 University, ST Microelectronics (Paper, Presentation)
An Approach for Data Propagation from Tree SSA to RTL,
Dmitry Melnik, Sergey Gaissaryan, Alexander Monakov, and Dmitry Zhurikhin,
Affiliations: ISP RAS (Paper, Presentation)
Graphite: Towards a Declarative Polyhedral Representation,
Sebastian Pop,
Affiliations: CRI - ENSMP (Presentation)
12:10 - Lunch at ARO Hotel
13:45 - Keynote 2
Chair: Albert Cohen
Keynote: GCC for Embedded VLIW Processors: Why Not?,
Benoit Dupont de Dinechin,
ST Microelectronics, Grenoble, France (Presentation)
14:30 - Session 3
Chair: Erven Rohou
Improving a Selective Scheduling Approach for GCC,
Andrey Belevantsev, Dmitry Melnik, and Arutyun Avetisyan,
Affiliations: Institute for System Programming of RAS (Presentation)
Register Allocation Techniques for iVMX Architecture,
Mircea Namolaru,
Affiliations: IBM Labs, Haifa (Presentation)
15:20 - Afternoon Break
15:40 - Session 4
Chair: Grigori Fursin
Augmented GPROF Tool for Runtime Profiling/Tracing of Multithreaded Applications and OS Activity,
Sandro Bartolini and Antonio C. Prete,
Affiliations: Universita di Siena and Universita di Pisa (Paper, Presentation)
Gcov on an Embedded System,
Holger Blasum, Frank Gorgen, and Jurgen Urban,
Affiliations: SYSGO AG, Klein-Winternheim, Germany (Paper, Presentation)
Rational for GCC's Link Time Optimization Implementation,
Kenneth Zadeck,
Affiliations: NaturalBridge, Inc. (Presentation)
16:55 - Discussion and Concluding Remarks
17:15 - End