As vast amounts of data are being produced and are made available and accessible, it becomes more and more important to devise new tools to process and understand this data. Information visualization deals with transforming data into a visual form enabling to better explore, make sense, understand and explain the information. This is vital in today's current knowledge economy where information and knowledge have become crucial for gaining a competitive edge, especially in public policy, business, scientific research, and decision making processes.

Information visualization is a multidisciplinary area that involves both engineers, designers and psychologists. Engineers handle the information technology aspect, designers bring visual communication and representation to the table, and psychologists study how humans learn and interpret visuals. Thus, knowledge from the engineering, design and psychology disciplines is crucial in making a successful visualization.

Following the success of last year's ISVIS, we are happy to announce the 2nd ISVIS workshop to be collocated with IsraHCI 2016. The workshop's objective is to bring together engineers, designers and psychologists, both researchers and practitioners, as well as anyone else who is interested in different aspects of information visualization. We intend on highlighting the various research and practice that is done in Israel in this area, creating a place to hear and discuss the different related topics, as well as meet and collaborate with others.