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SHADOWS (Self-Healing Approach to Designing Complex Software Systems) is a three-year EU STREP project that began on June 1, 2006. The project is part of the Information Society Technologies project area, one of the major priorities of the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme.

The goal of SHADOWS is to increase the competitiveness of the European software industry by improving the reliability of increasingly complex software systems that have become critical to today's business environments.

The SHADOWS project targets the problem of growing software complexity and its detrimental impact on software reliability by introducing a new model-based paradigm for the development of self-healing software systems. This paradigm improves the reliability of complex software systems by implementing an innovative software solution for the automatic detection, localisation, and healing of faults.

The prime deliverables of the project will be a widely applicable methodology and an integrated set of coherent tools that provide capabilities for self-healing of system failures during development and production. Our notion of system failure is broad and includes functional deviations, performance bottlenecks, and concurrency problems. With these deliverables, we aim to achieve quantified and significant improvements in system design productivity, system robustness, maintainability and quality, and the ability to provide reliable services.




IBM Haifa Research Laboratory

University of Potsdam

Brno University of Technology

Universita degli studi di Milano Bicocca


Scapa Technologies Ltd.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

Telefónica Research and Development